If I title my vehicle with the Embassy of Heaven Church, who owns the vehicle?

     The Church owns the vehicle and you, as part of the Church, become the steward. The former Certificate of Title or Bill of Sale is signed by the owner releasing all interests to the Church. Then the Embassy issues a new Certificate of Title under the authority of the Kingdom of Heaven. The new Certificate of Title is kept in a safe place by the steward of the vehicle.

Are vehicle registrations renewed?

     No, there are no renewal notices or fees. If the vehicle is sold, the steward signs and dates the Certificate of Title and gives it to the buyer. If the vehicle is taken out of service, the steward sends the Certificate of Title back to the Embassy of Heaven. In either case, the registration is sent back to the Embassy so that our records can be updated.

If I put Heaven plates on the car, won't I be waving a red flag to the police?

     Not necessarily. The Heaven plates are similar to State plates. A police officer usually won't notice your car unless he is directly behind you or he is looking for you.

If I am stopped, what do I say?

     State that you are a citizen of Heaven traveling upon the highways in the Kingdom of Heaven, for the purpose of evangelizing, in obedience to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

     If they try to claim you are on the highways in the State, remind them that the highways are multi-jurisdictional. If you were using the highways in the State, you would need their permission in the form of a State license. But, since you are using the highways in the Kingdom of Heaven, you cannot be trespassing upon the State.

     They normally will try to have you acknowledge that you are in their State. Remember, there is no communion between light and darkness. Stay in the Kingdom of Heaven, regardless of their pressure.

How do police respond when they stop someone with Heaven plates?

     Every stop is different. Some police don't want to hear a word about the Kingdom of Heaven and haul us to jail. Others seem to regret having stopped us, but feel obligated to cite us. Recently we have had reports from both Washington and California of police officers stopping our people and agreeing with our stand. One officer asked our ambassador to pray for him and said, "I have been studying the scriptures and I am coming to the same conclusions. I must come out of the beast system. I will probably be joining you before this is all over."

What do I do if I am issued citations?

     They do not have authority to issue citations because we are not of their household. Nevertheless, they cite us. If we try to speak before their courts, the truth is not acknowledged because they refuse to recognize God's government upon the earth. Therefore, be prepared to suffer persecution.

     We normally do not voluntarily make court appearances. If you are cited, you can send the tickets to us. We will cancel them and send the citations back with a letter. Despite our efforts, an arrest warrant may be issued and you may eventually be hauled to jail.

Is there a possibility that I may lose my car?

     Yes. New State laws are being passed that allow the police to confiscate vehicles for various reasons such as no registration, no insurance, or no driver license. With laws like this on the books, Heaven's ambassadors will be losing cars for the sake of the Kingdom.

     We recommend that you do not put any vehicle out on the road that you are not willing to lose. We suggest purchasing an inexpensive, older, reliable car for evangelizing. If you drive a $500 sedan and the police confiscate it, your losses will be minimal.

What about the State's requirement for car insurance?

     It is none of the State's business whether or not we have insurance on our vehicles. They cannot require the Church, as the nation of God, to have insurance. We are not under their supervision.

     Car insurance is a requirement for State residents. As residents of the nation of Heaven, we are not required to carry insurance. However, God does require that we be responsible for our actions. If we hurt someone or damage property, we should attempt to make restoration, to the best of our ability.

     In Psalm 91, we have God's assurance that He will deliver His own in times of trouble.

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