4-Step Course

Take the 4-Step Online Course outlined below before ordering a Driver License:

Read Mission Statement in its entirety.

Mission Statement

Study the FAQ to determine if you are eligible for a Driver License and if you are prepared to be a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven.


Fill out Request Form, print and sign.

Request Form

Consider ordering the information on the Recommended Materials page, to help you conquer the battle ahead.

Recommended Materials


What is the purpose of a Kingdom of Heaven Driver License?

The Kingdom of Heaven Driver License is a declaration of your citizenship in Heaven. (Philippians 3:20) It is used as identification wherever a picture I.D. is requested.


Order Driver License

It is highly recommended that you take the 4-Step Online Course (on the left hand side of your screen) before ordering a Driver License

Fill out the Request Form. Make sure it is signed and dated, using black ink.

Order the Driver License through the shopping cart below. Then return to this page for further instructions:

Catalog #D0002

Once you have successfully ordered the Driver License, you will be sent an email confirmation.

Print this confirmation and mail along with completed Request Form and two recent photos to Embassy Of Heaven Church:


Your Kingdom of Heaven Driver License is a customized document, so please allow three weeks for processing.

Order Duplicate Driver License

If you already have a current Driver License and it is lost or stolen, you may replace it with a duplicate.

Catalog #D0002B

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